Class schedule

Monday 6AM/7:15AM/9:15AM/4:30PM
Tuesday 6AM/7:15AM/9:15AM/4:30PM/5:45PM
Wednesday 6AM/7:15AM/9:15AM/4:30PM/5:45PM
Thursday 6AM/7:15AM/9:15AM/4:30PM/5:45PM
Friday 6AM/7:15AM/9:15AM/4:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM/8:45AM
Sunday 8:45AM*

*Specialty Strength Class
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CrossFit Group Class

This is the most popular way to practice CrossFit. Each class is led by a coach who explains the WOD, demos the movements of the day, corrects your technique as needed, and encourages you throughout the workout.

Strength Sunday's

This is a strength biased class where individuals will be challenged with both conventional and nonconventional methods of strength training. Think less sweating and more grunting!

Magnitude Teens

This class is perfect for teens aged 12-16 who are looking to start working on a solid foundation which they can build upon for the rest of their lives.

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