Sometimes life gets in the way and you need to cancel your gym membership. We’re sorry to see you go and hope that you’ll join us again in the future.

CrossFit Magnitude Member Agreement: I understand that becoming a member of CrossFit Magnitude requires me to fulfill certain financial obligations. While I am not under contract as a member of CrossFit Magnitude, I may be responsible for certain additional fees based on instances of missed or declined payments or returned checks. As a member, I agree to pay my monthly dues in full on the same day each month, as set forth by my contract, by way of auto-payment on a valid credit card or by electronic funds transfer from my checking account. As a member I am aware that failure to pay my dues on the due date of each month may result in fees including, but not limited to: A $5 charge for every day my monthly membership fee is late up to a maximum of $25. After 5 days my membership will be canceled and I will be required to pay a $50 membership fee to be reinstated as a member. The following constitutes a late payment: My credit card has expired and the payment could not run, my card has insufficient funds and my dues could not be paid, my card was replaced/canceled for miscellaneous reasons and could not be charged. It is the responsibility of the member to update payment information if applicable prior to your monthly membership/bill start date to avoid late-payment fees. A $25 for all returned checks will be assessed to the member. Memberships may only be put on temporary hold for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 consecutive days in one twelve month period. A $10 dollar maintenance fee will be charged for each month the membership is on hold. A member may cancel their membership to avoid the $10 maintenance fee, but please note that if a membership is reinstated in the future, it will reflect the most current membership rates. No refunds or partial refunds for monthly dues are given. Should a medical or other emergency arise which would stipulate the immediate termination of dues/membership and a refund be needed, a $5 refund processing fee will be deducted from the total amount being returned. CrossFit Magnitude reserves the right to cancel, suspend, terminate or put on hold any membership permanently or for any length of time. In the event that CrossFit Magnitude takes one of the aforementioned actions, no refund will be given to the member in question. It is our priority that the safety and integrity of CrossFit Magnitude, the facility, and its members be upheld at all times. Should a member(s) or situation arise, CrossFit Magnitude maintains the ability to take action against such instances as deemed necessary.